How it all began...

The idea began when we, Myrto and Dermot, started exchanging our mandalas following a breathwork workshop. We decided to commit to a daily mandala creation and upload it on a shared folder. And there was... Mandaily!

Mandaily grew pretty fast, and helped us process and integrate our daily experiences, breathwork processes, to let go, acknowledge, witness and be witnessed. As Mandaily kept growing, we realized that this is a very good idea to share with you!

Image © 2017 Myrto Papadaki
Image © 2017 Myrto Papadaki

Our Vision

The Mandaily Project is created from heart, aiming to become a space of connection, creativity and discovery, regardless of our individual background, education, ethnicity and borders.

It also aims to become a space for sharing resources on art and creative practice as means for self-discovery. In that sense, it is closely related to Transpersonal Arts and the transpersonal perspective.


Who we are


Co-Founder & Admin 

My background is in visual arts and design. I am running Mandaily in its beta version and have created its visual identity and website.

Join the team

If you feel like contributing to the project we'd be happy to hear from you. You could be assisting with technical stuff (web design, programming etc.), content (texts, artwork), or marketing (ideas to promote the project, making it self-funded etc.) or anything else. We also welcome articles related to transpersonal art and working with expanded states of conciousness.

get in touch

Feel free to drop us a line at