Stay Connected

Mandaily is a way to keep in touch after a breathwork and having a sense of connection with the fellow participants with whom we’ve shared very deep experiences. Maintaining this sense of connection is very healing and integrative aspect of the work itself.

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Mandaily works like a sharing circle on an ongoing basis. In this circle, you are welcome just as you are. Each mandala that is shared is unique and has a special place in this circle. By joining in, we all commit to holding this space, contributing the mandalas that we feel like sharing and maintaining the privacy of its content.

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Mandala drawing is a great way to reconnect with our Self in our daily lives. It can also be a very healing process and a way to express and integrate experiences, emotions, insights. Expressing the creativity that we all have within freely within a circle usually means discovering this powerful creative source within that has been suppressed -most of us grow up believing that "I am not an artist, I can't create!".  Mandaily is an invitation to challenge this. And its fun!

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How it works

Mandaily is currently running on a first trial period (Beta) until July 2017.
If you want to join in learn how to do it -it's free and easy!